Our capabilities range from the smallest project to some of the most labor intensive and complex projects in the industry. With our staff of experienced inspectors and project managers, we can provide a crew tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. 

Pipeline projects include: 

OGE/ Enable Midstream Partners (Enogex)
  • 40 miles of 20” pipe from Sweetwater, OK to Hammon, OK
  • 46 miles of 24” pipe from Waynoka, OK to Ames, OK
  • 42 miles of 24” pipe in Southwest Oklahoma (Tabler Compressor Station) to Minco, OK (Apexico Junction)
  • 31 miles of 20” pipe (L-297)
  • 11 miles of 24” pipe (L-298 Extension)
  • 3 miles of 12” pipe (L-299)
  • 4 miles of 4” pipe (L-308)
  • Hundreds of well connects in Western Oklahoma, Panhandle of Texas; Southwestern Oklahoma and Southeastern Oklahoma
Texas Midstream Gas
  • MEAP / Barnett Area – 7 miles of 24” pipe
  • HISB / Barnett Area – 7 miles of 24” pipe
Antero Resources
  • West Virginia Erwin Valley pipeline currently under construction
  • Richard Garry pipeline currently under construction
  • Pennsylvania O’Reilly L-429 pipeline currently under construction
Access Midstream
  • Faith Ranch pipeline currently under construction

Compressor Stations

We have supplied a full complement of inspectors for numerous compressor station projects (approximately 30 stations), ranging from one unit to six units, in the western, southwestern, and southeastern areas of Oklahoma, as well as the eastern panhandles of Texas.

Compressor Stations include:


  • Tabler Compressor Station 
  • Lindsay Compressor Station 
  • Doyle Compressor Station 

Texas Midstream Gas
  • Belga 2 Compressor Station 
  • Mercado Compressor Station

Remediation Projects

We have several pipeline remediation projects, primarily on jurisdictional pipelines, and ranging from 10 miles to 100 miles in scope of large and medium diameter pipe. These projects include smart pig runs, cleaning pig runs, and the removal and repair of any anomalies discovered.

Remediation Projects include:


  • L-111
  • L-114C
  • FJM to Harbison Fisher – Hydro testing to establish new MAOP

Gas Plants

  • Wheeler Plant
  • South Canadian Processing Plant
  • McClure Plant
  • Bradley