Job Application

Job Application

Please be sure the information you provide matches your resume

For the job categories listed, please rate your work experience for each specific job listed using a scale from 3 to 1. 3 for highly experienced and 1 for minimal experience for each position. If you do not have experience in an area, please select none. **Please attach any certificates/certifications that apply.

Pipeline/Mainline and Well-Connects

Integrity Digs (Multiple Dig Sites)

Compressor Station/Plant

GPS / Mapping

The list below is a listing of Inspector's tools that our customers require. All tools are not required by every customer, but all customers require one or more of the items listed here. As a professional, it is expected that you will have the proper tools as required for your job. If you do not have the tools required for your job, you are responsible for purchasing them. You must have the tools specifically required by each customer in order to do work for them.

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