We are a third party inspection company
focusing on natural gas pipelines,
compressor stations, and processing plants.
Audie Price Inspection, Inc. (API) is an Oklahoma corporation established in 1999. We know the industry, its operating environment, and have a proven track record of supplying gas companies with highly qualified and experienced personnel. We have a broad and deep level of construction inspection expertise, delivering qualified personnel to execute the labor and services associated with construction inspection, welder testing and record-keeping.

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  • Pipeline Construction Inspection
  • Integrity Inspection
  • Gas Processing Plant Inspection
  • Compressor Station Inspection
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Storage Facilities
  • Project Management
  • Operator Qualifications
  • GPS / As-built data collection for mapping
  • Weld Test Facility & On-site Welder Testing
  • Procedure Qualifications ASME IX & API 1104
  • Certified Weld test facility for the state of Oklahoma
Currently working in: OK, KS, TX, PA, WY, WV, and OH

Recent clients include:

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